Sales - Rebuilding - Installation - Maintenance of pumps, motors and accessories for drinking and wastewater systems

The company “Les Pompes R. Fontaine” was founded in April 1993 by Mr. René Fontaine. After having worked for nearly 25 years for the “H. Fontaine Ltée” company, René Fontaine decided to start his own drinking water and sewage pumps maintenance and installation business.

In 1993, “Pompes R. Fontaine” concentrated mainly on the repair of pumps with only three employees. Over the years, “Pompes R. Fontaine” developed its own parts and now gradually offers new products such as its famous FONJEC-AIR aerator and its prefabricated sewage station.

Today, “Pompes R. Fontaine” can count on a staff of ten specialists in maintenance, repair, sales, installation, and rebuilding of parts for drinking water and sewage systems to serve its municipal, industrial, and residential clients.

Since September 2007, we are the owner and manufacturer of the FontaineBleue submersible pumps. We can provide you with new pumps, parts or repair for your FontaineBleue pumps.


For all of your needs regarding pumps, consult an expert!


How can I order a pump?

By contacting us either through our request/quote form, by phone, or in writing.

Do you repair sewage stations on the job site?

Yes, our team travels to your job site with a fully equipped truck.

Maintenance, repair and machining of pumps, motors, and accessories such as:

Drinking water systems

  • Drinking water pump
  • Circulating pump
  • High-pressure pump
  • Chlorine pump
  • Chemical pump
  • Hydraulic pump

Sewage systems

  • Sewage pump
  • Blowing pump
  • Chemical pump
  • Diaphragm pump
  • Vacuum pump

Other systems

  • Gear pump
  • Vacuum pump
  • Irrigation pump for golf courses
  • Artificial snow pump (ski resorts)
  • Repair and maintenance of penning gate(s)
  • Authorized Agent Rain Bird® IC System™, irrigation system for golf courses.

Licence RBQ : 8212-3985-26

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